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Are you new to Huntsville?

Moving to a new area can be daunting. We hope this introduction will help.

There are areas of Huntsville where the schools are struggling and neighborhoods are in decline. Areas to consider are south Huntsville, east Huntsville / Hampton Cove and select areas of west Huntsville. With a few exceptions areas outside the city are also growing with stable home values.

Huntsville  Map

Big Springs Park Downtown Huntsville

The city ofMadisonis close to Redstone Arsenal, Research Park, Huntsville International Airport and is a natural choice for newcomers. The schools are exceptional and there is shopping in place with more under construction.

Commutes from the north side of Madison to the Arsenal and Research Park can be relatively difficult during peak traffic. If you are coming from a large metro area, Huntsville’s traffic will be laughable in comparison. Concentrating your search in areas of south Madison or in areas near County Line Road will help in avoiding traffic.

County Line Road connects with University Drive / Highway 72 to the north and Madison Boulevard / Highway 20 to the South. Construction is in progress to connect the south end of County Line Road directly to I-565 in early 2015

Rankings of Madison City Schools and links to school websites

There's a fast growing area of Huntsville just south of Madison and west of Redstone Arsenal. The schools that serve theWheeler Wildlife areaare average but showing continuous improvement. While the school’s current rankings are not exceptional, the rapid growth in the area and the influx of monied, educated taxpayers will no doubt spur rapid improvement of the schools rankings

Map of Wheeler Wildlife area.

Rankings of Huntsville City Schools and links to school websites

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Downtown Huntsville

Big Springs Park Downtown Huntsville

South Huntsvilleis close to the arsenal. The schools are good and shopping is available. The area has a natural beauty with mountains,Green Mountain Nature Trailand other parks. There is access to boating and fishing on the Tennessee River viaDitto Landing.

It can bea little difficult in peak traffic to reach Madison, I-565, Research Park and the Airport from south Huntsville. There are only twoor three traffic arteries from south Huntsville and they are are mostly surface streets Please remember that bad traffic is a relative term and by most standards south Huntsville traffic is minimal.

Rankings of Huntsville City Schools and links to school websites


Huntsville'smedical district, downtownand an area just north of downtown known asfive-pointsconsist of an eclectic blend of mostly historic and older homes. Thearea is served byHuntsville High SchoolandHuntsville Middle Schoolwhichhave exceptional rankings. There is an upscale shopping mall, an eclectic blend of stores, shops and neighborhood grocery stores in the area but a notable lack of large chain grocery stores. There is a large grocery store under construction just south of the medical district.

There are a few portions of five points that are served bystrugglingschools and where some properties are in disrepair. We will confirm schools and consider neighborhood trends beforeconsideringhomes in five points.

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Big Springs Park Downtown Huntsville


Huntsville AL
Burrett Museum on the Mountain

Monte Sano Mountain(Mountain of health in Latin) is located just east of our downtown and medical districts. The area is a blend of older smaller homes and newer large homes, some with gorgeous views of the city. There is a large park,Montesano State Parkthat offers miles of hiking and biking trails with scenic overlooks. There is RV and primitive camping as well a cabin rentals. The park has a large, modern playground and picnic area with pavilions, which can be reserved. There are several annual civic events and an outdoor amphitheater. TheVon Braun Astronomical Society’s planetarium(Named aver the German rocket scientist and pioneer WernerVon Braun.)is also located on the Montesano State Park.Montesano also boastsBurrett Museum on the Mountain.

Monte Sano is an area sought after by Huntsville natives. In addition to the amenities there is a unique close-knit sense of community and theelementary schoolhas an excellent reputation.



Hampton Coveis another popular and fast growing area. The area has developed within the past few years from rural farmland to a fairly upscalegolfand lake community. In the past three years there has been explosive growth on the area with shopping, restaurants andexcellent schools. There are a number of new neighborhoods ranging from entry level to executive homes. Commutes into the city proper are moderate although there are only two to three traffic arteries into Huntsville.

Commute via Hwy 431 / Governors Drive

Commute via Carl T Jones.

Commute via Highway 72





There is an area just north of the Huntsville city limits  located off of Research Park Boulevard  (The first segment of a planned northern beltway.) to consider. Commutes are remarkably short and properties are served by the desirable Madison County School system. The area has had and continues to have fast growth. There are several attractive neighborhoods in this area.


The final area to consider is northeast Madison County, my personal favorite. The area has natural beauty with lakes, rivers and mountains. The photo at the bottom of this page was taken in northeast Madison County. I-565 traverses Huntsville and ends at highway 72 in northeast Madison County. The schools are good and commutes are generally short. There is shopping in place with more shopping planned. There are plans to extend I-565 by about four miles into the area, making commutes even easier.


There are a large number of  new subdivisions in the area ranging from entry level to executive homes.


The link below is to a site where you can research Madison County’s Schools.                  


There are areas in northwest Madison County that are popular and that have good schools. Communities include Monrovia, Toney, Hazel Green, and Meridianville. While these areas have their own merits, commutes to Redstone Arsenal and Research Park are relatively difficult .

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