lease purchase homes for sale in Huntsville
Downtown Huntsville at night,

We manage well over 500 rental homes and do more lease purchase sales than most Huntsville Realtors. Our owners are usually looking for someone who will have the ability to fund a purchase within a year or less. 

After the mortgage crisis lenders no longer allow any portion of the rent to apply towards the purchase. They are concerned about the possibility of fraud and want to document all the funds that go into the home sale. We can however ask seller to pay closing costs which can be several thousand dollars.
In order to make it easy for everyone to step away if the purchaser fails to buy the house within the set time, we use a standard lease and an option to purchase. If the buyer is not able to purchase, we don't have a sales agreement, just an option to purchase that was not completed. We set the sales price, who pays what closing costs and the date for the sale in the option to purchase.
The lease's security deposit would be equal to one month's rent. The earnest money for the option to purchase is negotiable and always kept at or less than $3,000.
The first step will be talking to a lender so we know how long it will be until Purchaser can get a mortgage approval. Once we know the time frame and price range we can start to look for homes to consider. Please call or email us for lender referrals.
There are still zero down payment loans available through Rural Housing Development. Most homes outside Huntsville or Madison city limits would qualify for this program.

The advantages to the purchaser are;

The sales price is locked in at today’s price, not a greater price at the time of closing.

The tenant has time to work through financing problems such as time at a new job or clearing blemishes from their credit history.
Time to sell an existing home before purchasing another.

Purchasers can avoid moving twice.

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homes for sale in Huntsville lease purchase homes for sale in Huntsville

lease purchase homes for sale in huntsville
​Downtown Huntsville at dusk.

lease purchase homes for sale in huntsville
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lease purchase homes for sale in huntsville
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       Downtown Huntsville AL Veteran's Park 

       Downtown Huntsville AL Veteran's Park at night