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Many of our property management clients are landlords by default. They weren’t able to sell their homes after a job transfer, loss of employment, divorce or other major life event.

We help these owners avoid foreclosure or short sale and hold their homes until the Huntsville area real estate market recovers.

  • Our first step is to research the market rental value of your home through researching the Huntsville MLS, relying on experience and allowing for seasonal price variations. Later we monitor showing activity to verify our research.

  • We visit your house for marketing photos, to place a lockbox on the door and to put up a lawn sign where allowed

  • Your house is presented to as many prospective tenants as possible through our websites, the Huntsville AL MLS and through print advertising. We retain a internet marketing firm who will post your rental home on dozens of real estate web sites. We post to Craig’s List directly for better control over the ad’s appearance and to combat fraud.

  • State and federal laws favor tenants over landlords on most issues once the tenant takes possession of the home. Tenant screening is critical and begins with the first telephone calls and showings. Rental applicants are screened through credit reports, public records, verification of income and employment and contacting rental and personal references. All tenant screening complies with Federal, State and municipal law.

  • We retain the area’s foremost tenant landlord law attorney to review our lease, standard practices and for counsel on unusual situations.

  • After tenants sign their lease, pay their first month’s rent, pay the security deposit and any pet deposit we collect rents for the owner. Rent proceeds less our commission are forwarded to owners the third week of the month on recommendation of the Alabama Real Estate Commission.

  • In the rare event of nonpayment of rent or other lease violation we can begin an eviction. The cost of eviction including filing, attorney and service fees is currently in the $560 range and takes 30 to 60 days. The bulk of the cost is in filing fees. In general, tenants move after receiving eviction notice from the court.

  • We coordinate repair calls following owner instruction. Some owners take an active role and others ask that we coordinate all repairs. We have trusted vendors who provide discounted, expedited service for our clients. Rosenblum Realty does not receive a fee or mark up from repairs.

  • We provide monthly and year-end tax statements to property owners for each property they own.


Rosenblum Realty is the largest single family property management firm in the Huntsville area.

Our inventory of rental homes is well over four hundred.

We are a family owned, fourth generation, independent realty firm that has served Huntsville since 1957.

Our staff includes two Realtor managers, four Realtors, three office staff and a receptionist shared with our real estate sales division.



We receive 10% of rents received as a commission. If the unit is vacant or rents are not received, we do not earn a fee.

There are no additional advertising or re-leasing fees. We do offer a $100 referral fee in the Huntsville Al MLS. Rosenblum Realty pays $50 of the fee and the owner pays $50.

There is a one-time $200 set up fee that is never repeated.

There is an annual $50 account maintenance fee. This fee covers our bookkeeping costs for monthly statements, year-end statements and tax statements. It also helps pay advertising, operating and legal counsel costs.

Fees may be negotiable for home owners with multiple properties. Discounts begin at three properties in most cases.

Free Services

As a community service and in order to establish new business relationships; we offer free or at cost services for owners who self-manage

  • We are not attorneys and cannot offer legal advice or forms. We can however provide the rental application and lease that we use for example only.
  • We offer at cost tenant credit and public records reports. Our current cost is $20.00 for each person.

Please contact us prior to submitting applications.


Frequently asked Questions;

How long have you been in the property management business?

Rosenblum Realty has been serving Huntsville since 1957. I have been with Rosenblum for about ten years. In addition to myself, Michael Rosenblum the fourth generation of Rosenblum Realtors co-manages the rental department. We have four other realtors, three office staff and a receptionist that we share with the sales side of the business. In addition to being the largest manager of single family homes in the area we also sell real estate.

How many homes are you now managing? Of those how many are currently rented?

While we are constantly adding properties, at present we have about 450 homes in inventory. At any given time we are advertising 30 to 40 homes for rent. Among those some are not yet available and some have approved applications but not signed leases.

We do continue to market properties until we have a signed lease, the security deposit and the first month's rent in hand. We start marketing our homes soon after we learn the availability date.

Unless a home is large or unusual we should have it rented within 30 days. If a property takes longer than that to rent we are either priced above what the market will bear or the house doesn't show well.

The link below is to our currently advertised properties. In addition to our two websites we post on the Huntsville MLS, Craig's List and we have an online marketing firm that posts our listings on a few dozen real estate related sites. We also use yard signs, some print ads and receive referred tenants and owners from our reputation.

Rental homes in Huntsville AL

In addition to the marketing above we are testing a couple of other websites and Google advertising plans. Our current marketing is effective but we are always looking for ways to improve.

What is the application fee for those applying to rent my property? Can you send me a sample application?

While many area property managers charge substantial application fees we just cover our costs at $20 per adult applicant. For the ease of prospective tenants and in some cases their Realtors we have the application posited online at; Huntsville AL rental application.

What is the fee structure for the property owner? How much each month when rented? When not rented?

When the property is rented we receive 10% of the rental amount as a commission. If the house is not rented or if we don't receive the rent payment there is no fee.

How are service calls handled?

We offer our property management clients flexibility on service calls. Some owners want to handle all service calls themselves and a few tell us to handle everything except emergencies and major repairs. Most owners fall somewhere in-between. Our management agreement gives us a $250 repair approval except in emergency. In practice we give our owners a call if we run into something much more than a service call about $100.

Do you charge annual fee?

We charge a $50 annual fee that helps cover our costs of year-end tax reporting and a portion of our advertising and operating costs.

Do you charge a marketing fee?

We don't charge a marketing fee but do pay a $100 referral fee for agents bringing tenants to us. Of that $100 Rosenblum pays $50 and the owner pays $50.

What services are included in the fee I pay?

As mentioned, we don't have a marketing fee except a shared commission to referring Realtors. Some companies charge as much as one month's rent in marketing / renting / re-renting fees.

We believe that our fees are among the lowest in the area. We do charge an initial $200 set up fee that is never repeated. This covers our costs of initial inspection, photos, entering the properties information into our computer system and assists in our operating and advertising costs.

If a house is impressive and is available in the peak summer season we will be able to get a little more in rent. There is however a balance between holding out for the highest rent and having vacancy losses. If a house stays empty because we priced it too high we will never make up that loss with a slightly higher rent. As mentioned if we don't rent within 30 days something is wrong. The only exception is between Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Year’s when both the rental and sales market is very slow.


Follow link to our Standard Property Management Agreement



For prompt and personal attention contact;

Philip Winburn,

Relocation and Property Manager

(Mobile) 256-797-4570






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