Rosenblum Realty Inc. is the largest property management firm in Huntsville with almost 600 properties We have experienced staff in place to care for each property, each owner and each tenant. There are seven Realtors and three office staff in our rental department.
Rosenblum Realty is one of the oldest realty firms in Huntsville, serving all of Huntsville’s real estate needs since 1957. We enjoy one of the best reputations in the industry and have been honored with the Huntsville / Madison County Small Business of the Year Award.
We are longtime members of the Huntsville / Madison County Chamber of Commerce and the North Alabama Better Business Bureau. We have an A+ rating.

We do not charge re-leasing or advertising fees as other local management companies do. We earn 10% of rents collected. There is a one-time $200 set up fee that helps cover initial costs of evaluating, photography, advertising and entering property information into our system.
Owners receive a monthly statement and for tax reporting a year-end statement. There is a $50 annual account maintenance fee to cover part of this cost.
To attract outside realtors we pay a $100 commission for tenants. Rosenblum pays $50 of this commission and the owner pays $50.

We coordinate repairs based on the owner’s preference. A few owners ask to be informed before any repair is made and others prefer we take care of repairs without contacting them. Our standard practice is to inform owners of any service call and if the repair is extensive have owners speak with the contractor directly for so they may make an informed decision.
We work with several contractors who consistently provide good service at fair prices. Several contractors offer Rosenblum reduced rates and priority service. We do not charge for coordinating repairs and do not accept payment from vendors for sending them work.

When homeowners provide home warranty information we will make every attempt to have the warranty company make repairs and will coordinate payment of the home warranty service fee. If the home warranty company fails to respond or makes multiple service calls without proper repair we ask that the homeowner take charge of getting their warranty company to perform. If an HVAC or another vital system fails and the home warranty company will not make a timely repair we ask that the homeowner take charge and have their warranty company perform

We have had cases where the warranty company took several weeks to repair HVAC systems during extremely cold or hot weather. By failing to make timely repairs the home warranty company creates a health and safety violation putting both the homeowner and manager will be in violation of the Alabama Tenant Landlord Law.

State and federal law compliant screening is a homeowner’s one position of strength. Once keys change hands law favors the tenant. We check applicant’s credit, public records and rental references. We watch for inconsistencies and continue investigation until we can approve a tenant or decide to decline. Literally and figuratively we continue to investigate applications that don’t smell right having declined applications that reeked of cigarette smoke from applicants who stated they don’t smoke inside their home.

Our marketing strategies will keep your occupancy and tenant retention rates high. Professional quality photography, virtual tours, MLS posting and posting to all the national realty sites ensure your home gets the most exposure possible. Your property is posted on both of our websites, on social media and on Craig’s List. Because of our reputation and large inventory your property will benefit from word of mouth exposure in the local realty community.

You will have access to tenant landlord and fair housing legal counsel through our experience and retained attorney specialist.


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